Mobile TuffBench Universal Mobile Workbench

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The universal mobile workbench that’s also a heavy-duty cabinet!
Use the Armorgard mobile TuffBench™ for a day and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

A combination of heavy-duty storage cabinet and multi-purpose work surface, this innovative workbench makes any job that bit easier, while ensuring that your tools and equipment remain safe from thieves and damage. 
Its ultra-tough surface is ideal for fixing vices, pipe benders and other equipment, making it indispensable for HVAC contractors when pipe threading and bonding.

Can be fitted with an optional wooden worktop. Fitted with extra heavy-duty wheels (2 with brakes) – quick and easy to manoeuvre.

Secure lockable tool cabinet section beneath the workbench. Handles are fitted to each end of the unit for ease of handling.
Fitted with 5-lever deadlocks – with internal anti-jemmy system for maximum security.
Anti-corrosive powder coating for maximum durability. Serial numbered for easy key replacement.

ticks the box for...

  • universal mobile workbench
  • heavy-duty storage cabinet and multi-purpose work surface
  • ideal for fixing chain vice, engineers vice and other equipment